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6 Easy Campfire Recipes You Never Knew You Needed

We’re halfway through camping season and it’s time to step up your campfire game. We’ve all gotten a little creative with s’mores (my personal favorite is subbing in Reece’s peanut butter cups) but have you ever added pears? Have you ever roasted a brownie? How about an entire pie? We’ve got just what you need […]

6 Creepy Cryptids That Call Wisconsin Home

Camping season is in full bloom. Many of us are packing up and heading into the great outdoors for a fun array of activities like swimming, biking, hiking, hammock napping, and… scary campfire stories. Whether you are a believer of these mythical accounts or not, it always makes for a spine-tingling good time when you […]


Tour Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture in Wisconsin

In honor of what would have been Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th birthday, it’s time for a look at the many adornments he left on our beautiful state. Frank Lloyd Wright drew inspiration for his buildings from the natural elements around him, returning time and time again to his home state of Wisconsin to mimic its […]

7 Wisconsin Spots with Spectacular Food and Stunning Views

Wisconsin’s got some incredible food (I mean, cheese curds, brats, fish fry, ice cream…), famous drinks (think Spotted Cow, Door County cherry wine, Old Fashioned…), and stunning views (15,000 lakes, gorgeous Northwoods, relaxing rivers…). The thought of combining all of this into one setting seems too good to be true. We’ve managed to do it, […]

10 of Wisconsin’s Best Fireworks Shows

Alright ‘murica…feast your eyes on the heart of the Midwest this weekend. With brilliant fireworks displays set to light up the Wisconsin sky, the state shines bright each and every 4th of July. Here are just a few of our top picks for fireworks shows in Wisconsin: Eau Claire Beginning at 10 p.m., the Festival Foods Fireworks […]

8 Ways to Enjoy Wisconsin’s AgTourism Industry

Tourism in Wisconsin can come in so many forms: out-of-state visitors coming to see the Waterpark Capital of the World or to take in a Packers game, locals on a weekend “staycation” in Door County, or those looking to explore the many faces of Wisconsin’s agriculture industry (and although we’re known for the dairy industry, […]

5 Tips for Buying a Lake Home in Wisconsin

Wisconsin boasts 15,000 gorgeous lakes, and owning a lake home to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life is part of the ultimate American dream.  Making this dream a reality is a little easier to obtain financially with these five money-saving ideas from RE/MAX INTEGRA, Midwest.   Go to the river, the channel or […]

Wisconsin Recipes to Celebrate June Dairy Month

Here in Wisconsin, we like to take advantage of any opportunity to celebrate our dairy industry, so with June being National Dairy Month, we’re all over that. What better way to celebrate Dairy Month than by supporting Wisconsin dairy farmers and enjoying tasty recipes? Read on for some of our favorite recipes, featuring Something Special […]