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How the Pink Shawl Initiative Benefits Wisconsin Women

The Wisconsin Pink Shawl Initiative has a mission of reducing breast cancer in American Indian communities through education, advocacy, and service, and to increase the number of American Indian women accessing screening opportunities. Charlene Smith, a Registered Nurse, ABCD Mentor, and Active Member of the Wisconsin Pink Shawl Initiative, shares her breast cancer story: In […]

A Wisconsin Woman’s Five Tips for Simple Living

Written by Jodi Pliszka Were you able to join my daughter and I, and our mini-donkeys, in our Discover Wisconsin and Group Health Trust video?  The donkeys were the stars of the show!  Let’s talk about something that is happening to us all nowadays, with technology running our lives. I’m sure you’ve noticed that there […]

IRONMAN WISCONSIN: Spectate the Right Way on Race Day

  Triathlon is a rapidly growing sport in the state of Wisconsin. Google will tell you that there are nearly 30 triathlon races in Wisconsin in the month of August alone. Every year new races pop and established ones fill quicker than you can change a flat bike tire. Ironman Wisconsin is perhaps the most […]

9 Signs You’re Never Too Far From Wisconsin…

One of my closest friends and a lifelong Wisconsinite, was recently exiled from his homeland. While enjoying a new latitude, he was constantly reminded of Wisconsin. Wherever he went he would find contributions from the people and exports from the Dairy State. So, we sat down and put together a list of Wisconsin exports that […]

10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Wisconsin

1. Wisconsin is modest about its lakes. Minnesota’s official motto may be the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, but Wisconsin is not one to brag. The lake count comes in somewhere over 15,000, but the Wisconsin DNR modestly publishes a listing of 16,692 lakes. 2. Madison wasn’t always the Capitol of Wisconsin. Belmont was the original. The […]

Fall Fun: The Best of Wisconsin’s Corn Mazes

Greeted by a brisk morning, a few snowflakes still fell from the sky and slowly melted as they hit our car’s windshield. My girlfriend and I voyaged northward to a destination about 30 minutes from Madison, just west of the sleepy little town of Lodi. We made our way down winding country roads and pulled […]


20 Oktoberfest Celebrations in Wisconsin

A German History of Wisconsin Compelled to leave their homeland due to crop failures and periodic epidemics, German immigrants settled the rich prairies and wooded lands of Wisconsin. The abundance of cheap farmland and a similar climate to their motherland attracted many German settlers to Wisconsin. Since their immigration that began nearly two decades before Wisconsin officially […]