Kim Bremmer: America’s Dairyland to me is the Coolest Place on the Planet

Wisconsin is full of people who are passionate about the dairy industry. Meet Kim Bremmer. Kim launched Ag Inspirations as a vehicle for farmers to share their stories and to better connect people with where their food comes from. Kim, in addition to being the owner and founder of the company, is a self-described dairy enthusiast and science junkie. As both a speaker and blogger, Bremmer covers issues relevant to today’s dairy farmers; topics range from GMOs to antibiotic use on farms.   Take a look:     About Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board is a nonprofit

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These 8 Dining Destinations are Incredibly Unique…

  It’s no secret there is a plethora of great dining establishments all over the state, but here in Dairyland, we’re blessed to have four seasons of great weather to savor them! All across the Wisconsin landscape you can find places that offer great food served with a side of great scenery… Suncrest Gardens Farm (Cochrane) Along the western part of the state in the Mississippi River Valley are a slew of pizza farms. In Cochrane, you can visit Suncrest Gardens Farm where from June through July on Thursdays and Fridays from 4:30-8:30 p.m. you can get a made-to-order pizza

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Wisconsin’s Best Dairy Breakfasts

There’s something special about weekends in Wisconsin, and they’re almost always started with an amazing breakfast. Luckily for us, there’s plenty of delicious dairy products on-hand at all times to make our favorites. In preparation for an upcoming segment of Discover Wisconsin – America’s Dairyland where we’ll visit the best breakfast spots across the state, we’re sharing our best home cooked versions of the most scrumptious dairy breakfasts you’ll ever make. On-the-Run Muffin Omelet A busy mom’s spin on the classic omelet and toast, this portable version melts breakfast sausage, eggs, onions, salsa and Wisconsin aged cheddar cheese inside a

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