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Four Great Areas to Sip, Savor, and Shop in Wisconsin

Here in Wisconsin we’re known for our award-winning cheeses, beers and wines, and there’s no shortage of great places to try them. Whether you consider yourself a foodie or just love a delicious meal, there are so many amazing areas to check out across the state to enjoy all sorts of Wisconsin delicacies! Milwaukee Located on […]

8 Things To Do at Historic Norskedalen

Whether you come to experience the natural beauty of the coulee region, the history of the Norwegian heritage preserved in the buildings and artifacts, or to take a class or attend a program, Norskedalen has something unique and very special for all ages. We’re sharing 8 fun things to do at this hidden gem all […]

What Happens When You Challenge 3 Wisconsin Chefs to a Cheese Duel?

What happens when you challenge three talented and award-winning Wisconsin chefs to create three different dishes using the same variety of cheese? Magic! If Wisconsin is well known for anything, it’s got to be for our award-winning cheese! So we decided to have three talented chefs make three very different dishes using the same type […]

8 Unique Wisconsin Cheeseburgers

Hamburger toppings are important when one is attempting to build the perfect burger. Some of the most popular burger fixings include ketchup, mustard and of course, cheese. And yeah, cheese opens up a whole new world of burger combo possibilities. From cheddar to American to provolone and pepper jack, cheese adds a whole new layer […]


Chill Out Four Different Ways with Dairy

We all scream for ice cream, as the saying goes, but just what is it about this cool creamy treat that keeps us craving it? We know it’s oh-so-tasty to eat, but have you ever thought– Why? Well, despite the fact that Ice cream is completely scrumptious, there are a few technical reasons why it’s […]

Dairy Day-cation: 4 Farmstead Operations in Wisconsin

Nothing says Wisconsin like fresh-made dairy products, and with the states abundance of dairy producers, there’s no shortage of great dairy products to purchase and enjoy. Several farms across the state are diversifying and adding value to their milking operations by crafting dairy products with their own milk. Many of these creameries offer more than […]

Curbside Eats: 7 Food Trucks in Wisconsin

The food truck revolution continues to spread across Wisconsin. Delivery trucks transformed into take-away restaurants dot the state’s landscape. Evening revelers depend on food trucks for sustenance on a night out, while business people line up at lunchtime to add some spice to the workday. In most food truck-friendly cities, the trucks can really get around. […]

These 8 Dining Destinations are Incredibly Unique…

  It’s no secret there is a plethora of great dining establishments all over the state, but here in Dairyland, we’re blessed to have four seasons of great weather to savor them! All across the Wisconsin landscape you can find places that offer great food served with a side of great scenery… Suncrest Gardens Farm […]

How to Create the Perfect Cheese Tray

As the holiday season approaches, thoughts turn to what to serve guests. Here in Wisconsin the obvious bet is cheese and crackers. And while grocery store cheese trays are the simplest way to go, you’ll tend to get the standard, mild cheeses that don’t really excite people. Mostly made up of Colby, Mild Cheddar and […]

Curd is the Word in Wisconsin!

Wisconsinites are downright passionate about their cheese curds. Some prefer fresh while others prefer fried. However, even within those two camps there are subtle taste preferences. When it comes to fried curds, some like lightly battered curds while others maintain that a thick breading is the way to go. Fresh curd aficionados will tell you […]