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Four Girlfriend Getaways in Wisconsin That May Surprise You

Here at Discover Wisconsin, we have a tendency to want to journey off the beaten path to find destinations you might not normally consider. That is exactly what we decided to do for our upcoming Girlfriend Getaways episode. Here are four areas in Wisconsin we think make for the perfect place to round up your gal […]


10 Things to Do on the Wisconsin River

At 430 miles, the Wisconsin River is the state’s longest river. There are about 25 towns to discover along the way, all of which offer a myriad of things to do both on and off the river. Whether you’re into exploring your surroundings in a more slow-paced setting or you prefer a bit more of […]


10 Things I Love About the Eau Claire Area

It’s the 9th largest city in the state, the Horseradish Capital of the World and was named one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in 2015. And with a name like Eau Claire – it’s French for “clear waters” – you know it’s downright beautiful. Here are just 10 things I love most about this […]

18 Jaw-Dropping Wisconsin Lighthouse Photos

With Great Lakes Superior and Michigan meeting Wisconsin’s northern and eastern coasts respectively, you can find more than 30 historic lighthouses still standing. Even Lake Winnebago – Wisconsin’s largest inland lake – is home to a handful of magnificent lighthouses. Many provide tours and all of them offer breathtaking views. Starting in the state’s southeastern corner and making our […]

Cute + Trendy: 7 Stylish Wisconsin Wearables

I love cute garb. And I also love Wisconsin. Therefore, I heart Wisconsin-themed attire the most. Whether I’m hosting Discover Wisconsin, cheering on my favorite team or just running errands, here are a handful of my favorite items to throw on! Discover Wisconsin Trapper Hat Trap nothing but style in this Discover Wisconsin winter hat. I can’t […]

11 Wisconsin Gift Ideas We Love

The holidays can be pretty stressful – largely in part to those friends and family members who prove to be impossible to shop for year after year. (I’m talking to you, mothers who have everything and also all in-laws.) Don’t fret, my present-buying Christmas darlings! Consider me your holiday shopping savior…at least in terms of […]

5 Reasons to Experience the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

It visits over 150 communities across Canada and North America, including several towns in Wisconsin. It’s the iconic Canadian Pacific Holiday Train and here are just five reasons why you should round up the whole family and see the CP Holiday Train in person December 5-7: The train is making 11 stops in Wisconsin this year. The CP […]

These 7 Wisconsin Cities Are Home to Dazzling Holiday Light Shows

When the temps drop and the snow falls, Wisconsin dazzles…literally. Make your way to one or more of the following Wisconsin destinations for an unforgettably bright and jolly holiday experience: La Crosse Might as well give the Coulee Region their Christmas crown now: La Crosse Rotary Lights is basically the king of holiday light shows. […]

25 Super Strange Wisconsin Town Names

Aahh, weird Wisconsin, how I love you. Truth is, I appreciate a well-named town. And by well-named, I just mean strange. Here are 25–and believe me, that’s just a sampling–of Wisconsin’s oddly named communities: Arkansaw (Pepin County) Arkansaw, Wis. was named after the Arkansas River. I’m not sure when someone decided to replace the ‘S’ with a […]

7 Reasons to Visit Lake Geneva This Winter

Lake Geneva may be a popular summer spot but our crew had a hunch the area is just as fun and interesting during the cooler months. So, we set out to investigate and we’re happy to report back our findings: The Lake Geneva area should be at the top of your “places-to-visit” list regardless of the […]